What is Android Basic Dreams?[Answered 2023]

There are various apps available on the Android market for different tasks. These apps help to make our Android experience better.

Android Basic Dream or Basic Daydream is one such app, but a lot of people do not know what this app or mode is for.

In short, it is an interactive screensaver mode that can be used on Android devices. When your device is docked or charging, Daydream may start up automatically. It keeps your screen on and displays real-time updated information.

In this blog post, we will further look into this mode and also look at some of the related questions people have related to it.

What is the Daydream app used for?

Daydream is an interactive screensaver mode that is integrated into Android smartphones, as previously mentioned, to keep the screen lit when the phone is docked or charging.

In essence, it is an interactive screensaver. Daydream Mode will start when you lock your phone or dock it to charge.

There are many Daydream apps available, including ones that display the time, the weather, or even news headlines. Your chosen Daydream app is displayed. If you’d like, you can decide to present the images in your gallery in a slideshow format.

How to activate daydream mode

You will need to turn on this functionality because it is not activated by default. In order to start daydream mode:

  • Launch the Settings app.
  • Navigate to Display.
  • The option should be accessible via a toggle to its right. To turn it on, click on it.

When you enable Daydream Mode, your phone may start using it whenever you dock it or charge it.

Related Questions

Is basic daydreams a virus

No, Android Basic Daydreams is not a virus. It is a legitimate Android app with a lot of installation on the play store. It is not harmful to your phone in any way and you can safely use it.

Can I Disable the Daydreams App?

Yes, it is possible to disable the app if you do not want to use it. To disable Android Basic Dream:

  • Open the Settings app on your Android device
  • Then go to apps
  • Look for the daydream app and click on it
  • Now simply click on disable

This will disable the app from running in the background and also prevent it from starting automatically when you dock or charge your phone.

Can I uninstall the Daydreams App?

Yes, it is also possible to uninstall this app because it is not a system app. To uninstall the app:

  • Go to Android settings
  • Then go to apps
  • Look for the Daydream app and click on it
  • Now simply click on uninstall

After you have uninstalled the app, it will no longer be available on your device. It will not clear a lot of storage space because the app is not very big.


I hope you found this article helpful. In theory, The Daydream mode for Android is an “interactive screensaver mode” that can be set to activate automatically when your device is docked or charging, keeping the screen on and showing information.

Your device may be able to display information continuously in daydream mode. Android comes with a range of pre-built alternatives, and developers can design their own Daydream apps.

You can activate this app or deactivate it from your Android display settings. You can uninstall it altogether if you plan to not use it at all.