Wait-Will too much amperage hurt a device? (Explained)

There is a lot of confusion surrounding the topic of high amperage and how it can damage electronic devices. Many people think that if the amperage is too high, it will cause permanent damage to the device.

This isn’t always true! In most cases, as long as the voltage is correct, the device will be fine. The circuit inside the phone controls the number of amps entering the battery.

So, if the voltage is correct, a device will draw only the amount of amperage it needs. It can not somehow draw “too many amps.” But let’s say that a higher voltage than what the device requires is used. Then yes, too many amps will be drawn and can damage the battery.

In this article, we will further explain why it is perfectly fine to use a high-amperage charger for your laptop.

Does higher amperage damage electronics?

No, not really.

Your phone will only draw as many amps as it needs from the charger. If you plug in a high amperage charger, it doesn’t mean that your phone will start drawing more amps than it can.

The only way amperage can damage the electronics is if the voltage is high, which can cause the flow of amps to increase.

However, if you’re using the correct voltage and just have a high amperage charger, then there’s no need to worry about high amperage damaging your device.

What happens if you supply too much amperage?

Nothing will happen if you supply a laptop or a phone with high amperage. The device will only use the amount of amperage it needs.

For example, let’s say you are charging your phone using a 2 amp charger and your phone is only rated to use a maximum of.75 amps. In this case, the phone will only draw.75 amps from the charger and not the full two amps.

The high amperage on the charger simply means that the charger can supply more amps if the device is capable of drawing more amps.

Can high amperage cause damage?

No, in most cases, high amperage will not have any bad effect on the device if the voltage is high as mentioned before.

You can’t really damage a device with amps. As a device itself consumes amps, it needs to power the function it performs. Unless it is damaged already, it will not be further damaged by high amperage.

So using a high amperage charger is not bad at all. It is even recommended in some cases, like when you are using your phone. High amps will keep the battery furnished and charged.

Will a 3 amp charger hurt my phone?

As long as the voltage is right, high amperage chargers will not damage your devices. Even if you use a 3 amp charger, which sounds like a lot.

Nowadays, many phones come with high-speed charging capabilities, and they need high amperage to charge quickly. So, if you have a high amperage charger and need to use it, go ahead!

To understand a bit better,

Consider a pipe bursting as a result of too much water pressure. The circuit will be ruined if the voltage is too high, just like water on the carpet.

Ultimately, it’s the amps that do the damage, but you won’t have them all over the place if you don’t exceed the stated voltage.


I hope this article was helpful and now you are not confused about whether too much amperage will hurt the device or not. High amperage chargers are often misunderstood—people think that they will damage their device if they use one.

However, the only way the amperage will be too much or can be damaging is when the voltage is high.