Using a fast charger on a regular phone?Is it safe(Explained)

We all love our high-powered devices and modern smartphones that can charge quickly.

But what if you don’t have one of those fancy new phones or tablets? Can you use a fast charger with your regular device?

By the sound of it, it seems like it will burn the charging port or cause fire or something like that but is this true? Can you use a fast charger on a regular device without any damage?

The answer is yes! It is perfectly safe to use any good quality certified fast charger with your phone. This is because the device only uses the amp it can handle so that it won’t damage your phone or tablet.

In this article, we will explore more on why it is safe to use a fast charger, and we will also see if there is any way this can be bad.

What happens if you use a fast charger on a regular phone?

If you use a fast charger on a regular phone. The phone will withdraw only the amount of Amps it can handle. Consequently, when you plug a fast-charging phone into a regular charger, it will charge at a slower rate.

Let’s understand what the concept of a fast charger is. The work of a fast charger is to deliver a constant rapid current to achieve the initial charging at a rapid rate hence decreasing the time taken for an overall charge.

Every brand has its technology for its fast charging. But most of the charger supplies a constant voltage of 5V.

So If the voltage rating is the same for both the charger and the phone, the fast charger will work with your phone.

If your phone doesn’t support fast charging it will draw only the amount of amps it can handle from the charger and it will not cause any damage to the phone.

What you need to know

What you should understand is that it is perfectly fine to use a charger with higher amperage than what the phone need because the circuit inside the phone will handle the amount of amperage entering the battery.

Voltage is pushed Amperage is pulled. Your device will pull the amount of amperage it requires. Even if the charger is capable of supplying 5 amps and your phone requires only 2 amps, only the required amount of current will flow into your phone.

Good quality charger

The only way using a fast charger on a normal phone can be bad if the charger that you are using is not of good quality.

A lot of people use cheap low-quality chargers which might cause problems because they are not able to deliver a constant current and might have voltage fluctuations or might supply high Volts.

This fluctuation of voltage can burn the charging port, and can cause ghost touches and all kinds of battery-related problems.

It is also important that the charger is compatible with your phone. Assuming you use a compatible power adapter, the charging rate will be controlled by the charging circuitry of the phone.

If both the charger and the phone can support fast charging, the phone will charge fast. If the phone or adapter cannot support a “fast charge”, it will not happen.

Is fast-charging dangerous?

You might have noticed that the phone gets a bit warm when it is charging and if you are using a fast charger then the amount of heat generated increases.

As you know heat is pretty bad for the battery it can damage the battery So it means fast charging is bad. right?

Well, the answer is No. This is due to how fast charging works.

The charging rates are reduced when the battery capacity rises to a certain level to avoid stress and heat that can harm the battery’s longevity.

Also, your phone may automatically turn off fast charging if your device’s temperature exceeds a certain level. The bottom line is that fast charging has little impact on your battery life.


I hope you found this article helpful. Keep in mind that voltage is the main factor that you should look at when using a different charger. Make sure it is not high or low.