Here’s Why Your iPhone Charger Won’t Stay In. [Fixed]

Do you have an iPhone? If so, then you know that it can be a real pain when your charging port starts to lose its grip. You end up having to wiggle the charger around until it finally connects, and sometimes it still doesn’t stay in.

A lot of people face this issue and they end up believing that their charging port is damaged. There is nothing wrong with the charging port or cable.

In most cases, the reason why your iPhone charger won’t stay in is because of dirt and grime that gets built up in the charging port that is causing the loose connection.

In this blog post, we will discuss some reasons why your iPhone charger might not be staying in, as well as how to fix the problem.

Why will your charger not stay in your iPhone?

It’s all too easy to blame a defective cable or even the iPhone itself when you’re having charging troubles with your iPhone.

However, most people overlook the dirt that has accumulated in your iPhone’s charging port, which inhibits the cable from making a perfect connection inside the port.

It’s unavoidable; your iPhone is likely to get stuffed into trouser pockets, jacket pockets, bags, and other places, so the ports will accumulate dust over time. So it is better to clean it.

Here is what you need to do:

  1. Turn off your iPhone
  2. Get a toothpick or a toothbrush (a small one is better). Make sure not to use any metal object.
  3. Now gently start cleaning it and try to remove all the dirt.

You can also use a can of compressed air to blow out the dust from the charging port. In most cases, the charger won’t stay loose anymore after the cleaning.

Here is a quick video on cleaning the port.

Also with toothbrush

If the charging port is still loose after you have cleaned the charging port and your charger still does not stay in move to the next step.

Broken lightning cable

If you have thoroughly cleaned the port but the cable is still loose, it might be because of a broken lightning cable.

It is difficult to keep a broken cable to keep plugged into your iPhone. If the cable is damaged it will not fit snugly in the port as it should.

Try using a different cable and see if it fits perfectly or not. Using a different Lightning cord to charge your iPhone is an excellent idea.

If The other Lightning cables work perfectly on your iPhone, then the issue is with your cable, not with your iPhone. If both cables didn’t fit perfectly or are loose then it means something is wrong with the charging port.

Broken Charging port

Another possibility why your charger is loose is because of a damaged charging port. If you look into your phone charging port you will see a metal piece there.

Sometimes because of the pressure applied by a bent cable, this metal piece broke from one side causing a loose connection.

In this case, you will need to take your phone to the nearest Apple store or an authorized iPhone repair center to get it fixed.

Other options

If you have tried all of the above and your iPhone charger is still loose, and you also don’t want to take your iPhone to the store. Then you should switch to wireless charging.

Wireless charging

It is the best way to charge your iPhone. You don’t have to worry about loose cables or dirt in the charging port. All you need is a wireless charger, and you can charge your iPhone anywhere.

Final thoughts

I hope you found this blog post helpful. To recap the main reason why your iPhone charger won’t stay in is because of dirt in the charging port.

All you have to do is to clean the charging port as stated or shown in the video above and you will be good to go.