Are USB Cables Waterproof?[Answered]

USB cables are becoming more and more popular, as they can be used to charge a wide variety of devices. We all basically have them with us all the time.

But sometimes you might accidentally drop your USB cable in the water or spill something on it, and you probably know that water and electric devices don’t go together. This can make you wonder: are USB cables waterproof?

Yes, most USB cables are water-resistant, which means they can withstand being splashed with water, but in some cases, the plug or connector itself isn’t waterproof. So if your USB plug or connector gets wet, it’s important to not use it right away.

In this article, we will further elaborate on this and will also discuss what to do if your USB cable or connector gets wet.

What do you do if your USB cable gets wet?

First, you should be careful and know that USB cables are not made to be submerged in water, USB cables might only be splashed with water.

But accidents happen and you might have dropped it into a glass of water. If this happens, don’t worry. Here are a few things you can do:

Let it dry

If your USB cable got wet, the best thing is to unplug it from the adapter or USB port, if it’s plugged in, and let it dry for like an hour or 2. You can also give it a little shake to remove any water droplets that might be inside the cable.

You don’t want to be using a USB cable that is still wet because water can cause corrosion and might damage your USB port or the USB cable itself.

Use a hairdryer

Another way to dry your USB cable is by using a hairdryer. Set the hairdryer to its lowest setting and hold it about 30 cm away from the USB cable. Move the hairdryer back and forth until the USB cable is dry.

This can speed up the drying process, and you can also just put your cable under the sun or in a dry and warm place.

Use a can of compressed air.

If you have a can of compressed air, you can use that to dry your USB cable. Just hold the can upright and spray in short bursts.

This will remove any droplets that might be inside the USB cable. Again, make sure the USB cable is completely dry before using it.

Use a clean cloth

You can also use a cloth to dry your USB cable. Get a lint-free cloth and gently dab it on the USB cable. You can also use a microfiber cloth as they are great for absorbing water.

Can water damage the data cable?

Now that we know USB cables can withstand water, you might be wondering if it’s safe to use a USB cable that has been exposed to water.

The answer is, that it depends. Water can damage the USB cable or the USB port if there’s water inside the USB cable. But most cables are waterproof, so you do have not a lot to worry about.

But if your cable got wet, it is better to dry it before using it again to avoid any damage to the port or the USB cable.


I hope you found this article helpful. In conclusion, the cable part of most USB cables is waterproof, but the connector or plug might not be. USB cables can take a little water, but it’s better to dry them off before using them again.

If your USB cable gets wet, the best thing you can do is unplug it from the USB port and let it dry for an hour or two. You can also use a hairdryer or put it in the sunlight to speed up the drying process.