Why Do Your iPhone Chargers Keep breaking?[Answered]

The iPhone is one of the best smartphones around but its chargers are not of that good quality, especially the cable. It seems like every time you get a new iPhone charger, it breaks within a few months

Why is this happening? Is there something wrong with the chargers, or is there something wrong with your phone?

The reason why your iPhone charger keeps breaking is because of the tension on the cable. One of the most common reasons for cable breakage is being bent by pressure.

The point where the plug connector meets the cable is the most likely place for it to break.

In this blog post, we will explore the possible reasons why your iPhone chargers break easily compare to some other ones in the market, and we will offer some solutions to prevent the cable from breaking.

Why do iPhone chargers and cables break easily?

The cables that come with Apple products have not always been fragile. The first generation of iPod and iPhone cables was much more durable than the current iPhone charger cables. So, what happened?

In 2007 Apple started an environmental effort called “A Greener Apple” In which they started to remove harmful and toxic elements from their products including the cable.

Among these was a plastic material called PVC. It is commonly used in Charging cables to make them more rigid and durable.

When PVC got removed from the cable it resulted in thin rubberized sleeves which were easier to bend and also easier to break.

So basically Apple reduced the number of hazardous chemicals that are bad for the environment and nature.

One of them was a chemical that gave the charger durability. When they eliminated this substance, they began to degrade more rapidly and simply.

This is the reason why iPhone chargers break easily and quickly compared to other chargers.

How do you keep your iPhone charger from breaking?

Even though Apple chargers do break a bit more easily, there are ways to prevent them and make them last longer.

Apple cables are not of bad quality there are a lot of things that you can do to make them last longer or some things that you avoid to make them last longer.

1- Avoid Turning The Wire At A 90 Degree or bending it.

Exposed wires can be dangerous, and bending the wire at 90 degrees can tear the insulation and expose the wires.

You might have noticed that it is usually the end of the cables that break most of the time this is the reason. Bending the charger at a 90-degree angle can also damage the internal structure of the cable, making it more prone to breaking.

When you are using your phone while charging make sure that the cable is not bent or turned at a 90-degree angle. Also, don’t put any pressure on the charger while using it.

Your cable won’t break by bending it one or two times but if you are bending it in one direction on one day and bending it in the other direction the next day, this will put a lot of stress on the charger and cause it to break quickly.

2-Stop pulling your charger by the wire

If you are pulling your charger every time you unplug it from pulling a random part on the cable and not from the end of the cable. You are damaging it and making it more likely to break

The best way to pull the charger out of your iPhone or out of the charging block is to grip the plug itself, that little piece of hard plastic, to unplug it.

If you pull on the cord, you will shorten the life of the cable significantly. Yanking on the cord will cause it to break eventually.

3-Use cable protectors

If your charger is always breaking, you might want to consider using a cable protector. A cable protector is a little sleeve that goes over the charger cable

Small and usually made from rubber or silicone, This cable protector is designed to wrap around the top of your charger where the port’s joint and wire meet.

This is often the first to break in most cables, which is why it’s so important to keep them safe.

Other options

There are some other options that you can try if you are tired of breaking your charger cables Like,

Wireless Charging

One of the best ways to avoid breaking your charger cables is to use a wireless charger. With this method, you don’t have to worry about bending or breaking your charger cables.

Getting the charger replaced

If your iPhone is still under warranty you can take the charger that came with it to the apple store and have it replaced without paying anything.

The standard warranty applies to all accessories (cables, power adapters, etc) that came in the box with an Apple device.

How long do iPhone Chargers usually last?

An iPhone charger lasts one year in excellent working condition on average. The cable portion near the port begins to fray after a year or two.

How long your iPhone charger lasts also depends on how you use it. If you are constantly turning it, bending it, or putting pressure on it, then your charger will not last as long.

Cable protectors can help to lengthen the life of your charger by protecting the most vulnerable part of the cord. If you are careful with your cable, it should last for at least a year or more.


I hope you found this article helpful. To recap, the reason why apple cables and chargers break so easily depends on how you use them.

If you are constantly bending it or pulling your charger by the wire, you are damaging it and making it more likely to break.

Another reason why Apple cables break easily is how they are manufactured. Apple doesn’t use PVC in their products which makes the cable less durable as mentioned above.