Here’s Why USB-C Cables Are So Expensive [Explained]

USB-C cables are becoming popular as they offer a number of advantages over traditional USB cables, not to mention they can be used with a variety of devices, including laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

However, USB-C cables are also more expensive than traditional USB cables. So why are USB-C cables so expensive?

The main reason why USB cables are expensive is that they are new, and manufacturing is currently sized to satisfy demand. Prices increase with a smaller production run.

Prices for manufactured goods will decrease once supply and demand both grow. Additionally, since there is more demand, competition will help drive down prices.

In this article, we will explore the reasons behind the high cost of USB-C cables, and explain why they are worth the investment.

1-They are new.

This is the main reason why USB-C cables are more expensive than other cables. USB-C is a new technology, and it’s still in its early days. The cost of the materials and manufacturing is still high.

When micro USB arrived, the cables were also expensive. But as time went on and more companies started manufacturing them, the cost came down. The same will happen with USB-C cables.

As more and more companies start manufacturing the technology matures and become more widespread, the cost of producing USB-C cables will go down.

2-More pins

USB-C cables have more pins than other standard cables. This means that they can transfer data at a higher speed.

The extra pins also allow for USB-C cables to be reversible, so you can plug them in without having to check which way is up. The extra pins and features add to the cost of USB-C cables.

3-More wires

USB-C cables are usually thicker than micro or other USB cables. This is because they have more wires inside them. The extra wires allow USB-C cables to carry more power. A proper Type-C cable has 22 wires. A Type-B, Mini-B, or Micro-B cable has just four wires.

There are two power wires in a Type-B, Mini-B, or Micro-B cable. A Type-C cable has eight power wires, which means they utilize more copper. So, yes, the price will increase a little.

4-More functionality

USB-C cables can do more than just transfer data and power. Type-C cables include a variety of different cables that convert to other formats, like HDMI, DisplayPort, etc.

These cables have improved specifications, and some have smart circuitry. This extra functionality adds to the cost of USB-C cables.

Is it worth getting a USB-C charger?

Yes, USB-C cables are expensive. But they are also worth the investment. USB-C cables have several advantages over traditional USB cables. They are new, can charge your phone faster, and are also reversible.

USB-C cables are the way of the future and are worth the investment. Charging with USB-C is now quicker and more dependable than ever. If your phone only supports USB-C, then you have no other choice but to buy it.

Why are USB-C cables better?

There are several reasons why USB-C cables are better than old USB cables.

1-Fast charging

One of the advantages of USB-C cables is that they can charge your phone much faster than older USB cables. Ordinary USB-A connectors can only supply 12 watts of charging power.

whereas USB-C ports can give phones 18 watts of fast-charging power and 240W for laptops in some cases.


Another advantage of USB-C cables is that they are reversible. This means you can plug them in without having to check which way is up.

With older USB cables, you had to check which way was up before plugging them in. This was often difficult to do in the dark or when you were in a hurry.

Are all USB-C cables the same?

The reason why it is called USB-C is because of its shape. USB-C cables have a symmetrical oval connector that is the same on both sides.

But they are not all the same. They vary from each other depending on the brand, quality, and price.

PCWorld has done an excellent comparison between the two cables, one for $9 and the other for $19. See how they differ. You can check out that article here.


I hope you found this article informative. The reason why USB-C cables are so expensive is that they are still new, and with a smaller production run, prices are higher.

Once the demand and supply increase, The prices will come down eventually, not to mention that the competition between the companies will also help to drive the prices down.