What does delivery report not requested mean?[Answered]

Text messaging is a daily tool used by people for a variety of reasons. With almost 23 billion SMS messages received daily, a lot is going on in the background that most users are unaware of.

One such thing, which a lot of people do not understand, is when they send a message and it says “delivery report not requested”. What does it mean?

Usually, that would imply that the message has left your phone but has not yet reached the phone of the recipient. Instead, it is still on the receiver’s server waiting to be sent to the receiver’s phone.

In this article, we will further look at what it means when you see the “delivery report not requested” message. We will also look at some of the related questions people have.

What does it mean if a delivery report not requested?

A lot of people who are into text messaging might not be aware of the technicalities involved in sending and receiving messages.

Let’s quickly look at how a text message is sent from one phone to another. When you send a text message, it is first routed to a short message service center (SMSC).

The SMSC is responsible for storing the message and then forwarding it to the intended recipient. The message is then stored on the network of the recipient until it is delivered to their phone.

If you are getting the delivery report and the requested message, it means that the message has been sent from your phone to the SMSC. However, it has not yet been delivered to the network of the person you are sending it to.

In most cases, this would hint that the phone is off or that there is no signal at their end. In this case, you can not do anything but wait until the phone is turned on or they are in an area with better reception.

Related Questions

Does the delivery report requested mean I’m blocked? 

No, the delivery report not requested message does not mean that you are blocked. It simply means that the message has not been delivered to the network of the person you are sending it to.

There are other ways to know if you are blocked. For instance, if you see that your messages are being sent but not delivered, you have likely been blocked, but this is not always the case.

You can check out this article for more information on how to know if you have been blocked.

Does the delivery report mean they read it? 

No, delivery reports often only inform you that the message has been sent and is currently waiting on the recipient’s phone. You won’t necessarily know if they’ve read it.

What does it mean “delivery report requested?”

If you see the “delivery report requested” message, it usually indicates that you have sent the message and it was delivered to the recipient but it was not opened.

Nevertheless, it depends on the application and whether the user reads the message in the notification pull-down menu without opening it. For example, on Whatsapp, you can read the message directly from the notification without opening it.

What does the requested delivery report mean?

A function on Android phones lets you check whether a text message you sent was received by the intended recipient when you enable it.

On Android, you must explicitly enable the feature since it is off by default if you wish to receive SMS delivery reports.

Turn on the Delivery Reports option under Settings > Text Message (SMS) Settings to allow delivery reports on Android.

Following that, delivery reports for SMS messages will start arriving on your Android device, informing you of the text message’s current status.


I hope you found this article helpful. In theory, once you have enabled delivery reports on your phone, you will be able to see the current status of your sent messages.

If you get a message saying something like “delivery report not requested,” it might mean that the person you are sending the message to has turned off their phone.

Or they are in an area with poor reception. The message was sent but not delivered to the network of the person you are sending it to.