What is Summit IMS service on my Android phone?[Explained]

Nowadays, smartphones come with a lot of pre-installed apps. They are very important and useful for many tasks that are happening in the background.

Many times we see apps that we don’t even know the purpose of. One of these apps is the Summit IMS service or IMS service. Most Android devices have this on their phone. So, what is this Summit IMS service?

The IMS Service is an IP multimedia and voice service system that ensures that services like text messages, multimedia messages, and phone calls are delivered appropriately through an IP network system.

This is accomplished by connecting this service automatically to the user’s carrier or service provider. In this article, we will further explain what the IMS service is and will also look at some of the questions related to the IMS service.


What is the IMS service and what is it used for?

In a nutshell, the IMS Service is the IP multimedia and voice service system that comes pre-installed on mobile phones with the Android operating system.

It is in charge of making sure that services such as text messages, multimedia communications, and phone calls are delivered appropriately through an IP network system. In short, the IMS service is responsible for the delivery of multimedia and phone calls.

Do I need IMS service on my phone? Is it necessary?

The IMS service is not necessary like a lot of other apps that come with your device, like the MDE service framework or ext service.

So, while IMS may not be required for all applications, it appears that mobile operators will profit from the efficiencies that IMS provides.

Wireless carriers have long sought a more efficient approach to deploying appealing applications, and the IMS architecture appears to be a natural development.

Does IMS service consume battery?

If you have one of those devices that comes with a pre-installed IMS service, you might have noticed that your battery drains faster.

The IMS service is not a battery drainer by itself, but if you have other apps that use the IMS service, it can affect your battery life.

If you want to check if the IMS service is using too much of your battery, you can go to your phone’s settings and then Battery. There you will see a list of apps that use the most battery.

If you see that the IMS service is using a lot of battery, you can try to disable it and see if that helps improve your battery life. If you have no option of disabling it or forcing it to stop, the only option you have is to get a new phone.

Can I uninstall the IMS service?

As previously stated, the IMS Service is typically pre-installed, and this software is typically included with Samsung or LG phones. This software cannot be uninstalled using a standard user system because it is a factory application.

Some smartphones with alternative system encryption may allow it to be removed, but it is not recommended as this may cause problems with other applications that use the IMS service.

It is advisable to leave this application installed and simply force it to stop if you are not using it to avoid any potential issues.

Related questions

How to fix “LG IMS Stopping”?

To solve this error on your phone, follow the following steps.

  • First, turn on airplane mode.
  • Now go to the settings and open Apps and notifications.
  • Click on APP info.
  • After that, click on the three dots in the corner of your screen and select “system app or show system”.
  • Now look for an app called “com.lge.ims,provider”
  • Click on clear cache and also clear data and force stop it.

This will solve your problem and you will stop getting the error message saying “LG IMS stopping” or something like that. You can follow the video below for more detailed instructions.

How to fix “MS Service has stopped”.

First, let’s see what the reasons are that can cause this error:

  • Corrupt cache: Every application you use stores cache files, which reduces your app’s loading times. However, this cache can become corrupt at times, and as a result, this can occur.
  • Apps that have not been updated: When your apps become old, they begin to malfunction and can cause this error.
  • Default messaging app: Due to your location and network provider, your phone’s configuration settings may occasionally interfere with a few elements. As a result, the messaging app may perform incorrectly and display an error message.
  • Because of a third-party application: Third-party programs can frequently be the culprit and cause problems with the messaging service app.

You can fix this problem by following the methods mentioned in this article.

Is Summit IMS Service a safe application?

Yes, Summit IMS Service is a safe app. It is a system app responsible for the delivery of multimedia and phone calls.

Summit IMS service can come pre-installed or on some android phones, it appears out of now where. In both cases, it is not a good idea to uninstall it.


I hope you found this article informative. In theory, the Summit IMS service is a system app responsible for the delivery of multimedia and phone calls. In practice, it can come pre-installed, or on some Android phones, it can install itself later on.

It will not be a good idea to uninstall the Summit IMS service, as it can cause problems with other apps. If you’re not using it, the best course of action would be to disable it or force stop it and see if it has some impact on the device’s functionality.