Here is how a laptop charger can break and how to check it. [Explained]

A laptop charger is an important piece of technology it is like an oxygen supplier to the laptop. It is the thing that keeps your laptop powered up and running. So, it’s no wonder that people get frustrated when their laptop charger breaks.

The common reason why a laptop charger break is because of constantly being moved around, twisted, and banged up, which can lead to the wires inside getting damaged or even breaking.

In this blog post, we will explore some of the ways a laptop charger can break so that you can avoid them.

1-Not handling the wire properly

If you’re putting too much stress on the cable or wrapping it too tightly or it is bending at 90-degree when being used all this can tear the ends or even inside of the cable.

The first and foremost thing is to be careful with the laptop charger wire. Do not pull or tug at it too hard as this can damage the wire. Gently insert the laptop charger into the laptop.

Here is an article from Apple describing how to prevent strain relief on Macbook cables, but this can be applicable to any other cable.


Heat is bad for the cable. Keeping your charger close to a heat source can damage the internal wires. Overheating the charger can also cause it to break.

It is important to keep your laptop charger in a cool and dry place. Also, try to keep it away from heat and direct sunlight to prevent any damage internally.

3-Keeping your charger plugged in all the time

Even though the laptop charger does not use a lot of electricity when not connected to the laptop it is still a good practice to unplug it when not in use.

The charger is still using a little bit of energy when it is not connected. This energy can be used elsewhere.

You don’t have to unplug your charger all the time when not using it but it is a good idea to unplug it once in a while to give the charger some rest.

4Bad Socket

If you have noticed that all your charger become unable very quickly and you have to buy a new one very often.

The problem could be with the socket you are using to plug in your laptop charger. If the socket is not working properly, it can damage the charger. It might not be supplying the right input volts needed by the charger.

You can check this by using the voltmeter. The voltmeter will help let you know if the socket is supplying constant voltage or is it damaged.


Just like any other electronic device chargers are also not made to last forever. Even though by using them with care you can make them last longer but at a certain point, they will die.

Laptop chargers also have a lifespan. With time the internal wires start to break down and it becomes difficult for the charger to work properly.

Why do my laptop chargers keep breaking

The reason why your laptop charger keeps breaking is most likely because you are not taking proper care of it or the chargers that you are buying aren’t of good quality. It can be the socket that you are using not providing a steady flow of power.

Be careful with the laptop charger wire. You can also use tape or cable protectors to prevent the end of the wire from breaking.

How can you check if the laptop charger is working or not?

If the brick has an LED indicator, check to see if it glows. The chance of this LED indicator failing in a charger’s lifetime is slim. As a result, the LED should function 90% of the time.

Yes, if the LED refuses to operate, do not jump to any conclusions. Perhaps the LED is broken.

Remove the battery of the laptop and connect the charger to a laptop and see whether the laptop works. If the laptop turns on this means the charger is fine if not this means it is damaged.

There are also other techniques for checking this. You can get a DC-in port. Connect your laptop to the DC-in port.

The end of this DC will have two loose wires, which you may try connecting an LED or testing the output voltage with a multimeter to see whether the charger is functional.

How to check if the laptop charger is the problem or is it the laptop

The easiest way to check this is to borrow a charger from one of your friends may be, swapping the charger for another, or trying this charger on another device is the most conclusive test.

If the laptop charges with a different charger then you know that it was not the laptop but if it does not charge with a different charger then most likely there is something wrong with your laptop.

Or If you have a laptop with a removable battery, take out the battery and then connect the laptop to its power adapter. If the laptop powers on without the battery, then your problem is most likely with the battery and not the charger


I hope you found this article helpful. Most laptop chargers are of good quality but they can also break if they are being used or handled with carelessness. If you want the laptop charger to last longer, make sure you handle it with care.