Here’s why your phone is charging without a charger [Solved]

Has it ever happened to you that your phone is not connected to the charger but the phone is showing the indicator that it is being charged or is connected to the charger?

It’s a common problem your phone is charging, but there’s no charger connected. A lot of people face this issue, but what is the reason behind this? Why is your phone charging without a charger?

The main reason behind this is a damaged charging port or a bent thin metal piece inside the port. When the charging port is damaged, it can show your phone as being charged even when you have unplugged it from any USB source.

In this article, we will explore some of the other ways that this can be caused and also how to fix this problem.

Hardware issue

First, let’s look into the hardware issue that could be a reason for this phone charging problem.

Dirty or bent charging port

This is mostly the main reason for this problem. If you have a look at your charging port, you will notice that there are tiny metal pieces inside it.

Over time, this piece can get bent or entangled in the dust. This will cause your phone to indicate that it’s still connected to the charger even when it’s not.


First, check if there is some metal or dust at the bottom of the metal piece. It is basically cross-linked.

If there is, then what you should do is get a needle or plastic toothpick and gently insert it under that metal strip and gently put a little bit of pressure to get it back into its original place.

What you need to do is move it slightly up so that it no longer touches the bottom of the charging port. Be gentle; you don’t want to break the piece.

Chances are that adjusting this component will resolve the problem and display your phone’s correct charging indicator.

If you notice that there is some dirt or a metal piece( maybe from your charging cable ) under the metal, then you should carefully remove it with a needle.

The bottom line is to check for dirt at the bottom of the port or to see if the metal piece is in the proper position, not bent or touching anything. Also, be careful when cleaning it, as it is easy to damage the port.

The motherboard is damaged.

If you have cleaned the charging port and the problem still persists, then there might be a problem with your motherboard.

The motherboard is the core component of a mobile phone. It connects all the other components in a cell phone. It also manages every activity on your smartphone while it is turned on.

If your phone is indicating that it is charging when it is not even connected, this can be the result of a faulty motherboard.

If you power down your device and let it stay for some time or reboot it and the issue is resolved, this indicates that the motherboard of your phone is faulty.

In this case, you will need to take it to the nearest service center as it requires special equipment and skills to fix this issue or get it replaced.


Just like many other electronic devices, water or any other liquid can damage your phone’s charging port.

If you have dropped your phone in the water by chance, or you use your phone in the bathroom, or the kitchen, direct contact with water can create problems in the phone.

Liquid substances can be bad for your phone. You should check for any liquid substance if your phone shows it is charging when unconnected to the charger.

You can do this by checking your phone’s LDIs(Liquid Damage Indicators). LDIs are small stickers that can be round or rectangles and are often located where the battery is or on the battery itself. It also depends on the phone that you have.

Check if the color of LDI is white. LdI changes color to pink or red when exposed to moisture or water.

software problem

If you’re sure that the hardware of your phone is fine, then it might be a software issue.

The applications and programs on your phone are controlled by the software. A software issue causes your phone’s standard program to be altered. There may be a flaw in an app you recently installed that is causing this bug.

In this case, you can try some simple troubleshooting steps to fix the problem.

You can try restarting your phone, uninstalling the app, or resetting the phone to factory settings. You might as well consider a software update on the phone if you haven’t.

How is your phone charging itself?

Your phone is not charging itself; it is just indicating that the charger is plugged in because of some software or hardware issue like a dirty or damaged charging port as mentioned above.

What needs to be done is to get a needle or something and move the middle metal to its original position because it is making contact with another metal and making the phone think it’s still in the charger.

Can a phone charge itself without a charger?

If your device is not connected to a charger of some sort, whether wired or wireless, the battery can’t be charged.

You have a hardware or software problem if your battery level indicator shows that your phone is being charged when, in fact, the charger is not even connected.


I hope you found this article helpful and were able to fix the problem with your phone.

If the problem persists, then I recommend taking it to the nearest service center as there might be some hardware issue with your phone.