Will using a different charger ruin your phone? (Answered)

Have you ever gone on a trip and forgotten your charger? Or maybe you’ve been out of town and needed to charge your phone but couldn’t find a charger or you have a charger that is of a different brand than that of your phone.

You might be wondering if it’s okay to use a different charger with your phone or if doing so will ruin it?

Well, the good news is that as long as you’re using the right cable that fits into the charging port and a good quality charger meeting the power requirements of the phone, you can use just about any mobile charger.

Different chargers might charge your phone a bit slower or faster, and will they cause any damage will depend on their quality and the output they supply.

In this article, we will what are the few things you need to check before using a different charger on your phone.

1-Quality of phone chargers

Make sure the charge that you are going to use is in good shape and is from a good company

A lot of cheap chargers don’t carry, CE, and MFI approvals. These are important worldwide certifications. Approved products generally imply that the goods have clever technology that allows them to function effectively.

Using a cheap third-party charger can ruin the phone because a lot of them have voltage spikes which can damage the charging port.

2- The charger output

When you check the charger, make sure to look at the output as well. The output is generally written on the charger and is given in volts and amperes.

The wall charger is built to take the normal current and bring it down to a level that your phone needs. Usually something like Input: 100-240v. This means if you plug the charger in the normal household voltage which is around the same the charger will be fine.

However, if you plug a charger rated only 110v into a 220v wall socket, the circuit breaker will trip and the charger might not work after that.

1-Output Voltage

The output voltage of the charger should be equal to or close to what the original charger or what the phone requires.

Most of the chargers in the market have a standard output of 5V. It is important to check whether the charger is giving a stable voltage or not.

Using a charger with high voltage or a charger that fluctuates a lot can ruin your phone, damage the charging port or even cause a fire because it can result in a lot of current entering the battery.


Finally, we need to consider the Output amperage – The maximum amount of current accessible from the charger for the phone to draw what it needs is indicated by this value.

This means if the voltage is constant the phone will only pull the amount of amp it requires out of the total.

For example, If you use a charger with a 1A output and your smartphone requires 700mA to charge, there will be no issues.

However, if you use a charger that provides only 500mA and your phone requires 1A. This can cause some difficulties including slow charging, overheating, and even device failure. It can also cause the charger to heat up also.

So it is better to use a charger supplying higher amperage than what the phone requires than using a charger with lower amperage.


You might have heard a lot that you should not use a charger of a different brand or might have read on the internet.

The reason why people say that is because the charger that is specifically made for your phone will deliver the exact amount of voltage and amps.

But if you have a good charger that meets the requirements of the phone there is nothing wrong if you use it I mean what if it’s for other than that.

A charger can be from any brand whether Apple or Samsung it has the same purpose which is to supply the device with the energy in which it is plugged in.