Here’s why your phone battery is going down while charging.[Fixed]

Your phone battery is going down while charging and you don’t know why. When you are charging your phone it is supposed to increase the battery percentage.

But If it’s lowering instead, you might be wondering why your phone’s battery is draining while charging. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. This is a common problem that many people experience.

The reason why your phone’s battery is going down is that the mobile is using more power than it’s receiving. There can be some technical issues in it like a damaged motherboard that is connected to the charging port.

In this blog post, we will explain why your phone battery is going down while charging and how to fix it.

Motherboard is damage

The motherboard is the main Printed Circuit Board (PCB) in the phone. It is responsible for connecting all the phone’s hardware components.

If it’s damaged this can cause the battery to go down while charging. Charging issues like voltage spikes or fluctuation can damage the charging port.

The motherboard can be repaired but it can be expensive if your phone is not under warranty.

The phone is already hot

If you have been using your phone or playing games on it for a while, the phone will already be warm. When you plug the charger into the phone that is already hot, the phone may not charge.

Modern phones have a built-in temperature sensor that will stop the phone from charging if it is too hot or get too hot. This is to prevent the phone from overheating and damaging the battery.

Before you start charging your phone, turn it off and let it cool down. If it’s happening because of overheating, this should solve it.

Charger is bad

Sometimes phone charger can be the reason for phone battery drainage while charging. If you are using a cheap or fake charger, it can cause your phone to not charge properly.

The charger might not able to meet the power requirements of the phone. It might be supplying low amperage than what the phone requires or you are sharing a charger with someone.

This means the phone is consuming more power than it is receiving from the charger causing the battery to go down.

Using a Laptop USB port

A lot of people just plug their phone into the laptop if they are using it and think that they can charge their phone. But this is not the case.

Laptop USB ports usually do not produce or give enough power to meet the requirements of the phone.

If you are charging from a USB port while concurrently using high-energy-consuming applications such as games, you may notice that your battery is draining while charging.

Background app

Most of the time, the phone battery can go down while charging because of some apps that are constantly running in the background and refreshing themselves.

These can be apps that we love to use as social media apps including Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. It can also be an email app that is constantly checking for new emails or a news app that is constantly refreshing itself.

These apps use a lot of battery power and can cause your phone’s battery to go down while charging.

The battery needs to be replaced

Maybe there is nothing wrong with the charger and everything is fine. It could be the battery itself that is not working as it should.

Batteries have a lifespan and after a certain number of charge cycles, they will start to degrade. This is normal and it happens to all phone batteries.

When the battery degrades, it will not hold a charge as well as it used to and the phone will not charge as efficiently.

If you have just started facing this issue and everything was fine before, it is most likely that it is time to change the battery.

What to do when the battery is decreasing while charging?

Now we have seen the main reasons why your phone battery is going down while charging. Let’s see how we can fix it. The easiest thing that you can do is

1-Close background app

One of the main reasons for phone battery drainage is background apps. So, the first thing that you need to do is close all the apps that are running in the background.

You can do this by going to the Settings app and then to the Battery section. Here you will see a list of all the apps that are running in the background. Turn off the GPS or disable the WiFi if possible.

Or you can follow this method by enabling the developer mode.

2-Try using a different charger

Even if you think that the charger is not the problem, try using a different charger. Maybe the phone is not able to properly receive power from the current charger.

Check the power rating on the charger and see if it matches the phone’s power requirements. If not, try using a different charger by plugging it into the socket. Also, don’t use a laptop USB port.

3-Try using a different outlet

This isn’t a very common cause of the phone’s battery draining while charging. But it is the easiest thing that you can try.

Simply put the charger into a different socket and see whether the phone begins to charge.

Or you can use something like a voltmeter to check the voltage of the outlet. If the outlet is not providing the proper voltage, it can cause this problem.

4-Take your phone to the service center

If you have tried all of the above and nothing has worked, it is most likely that there is a problem with the phone motherboard or the battery.

It could be a problem with the phone’s charging port also. In any case, you will need to take it to the service center so that they can take a look at it.


I hope you found this article helpful To recap the reason why your phone’s battery goes down while charging is because the phone is utilizing more power than what is being inputted.

There are a few things that you can do to try and fix the phone like closing background apps, trying a different charger, or even a different outlet.

If all those things failed, then most likely there is an issue with the phone or the battery is just old and needs to be replaced.