What Does It Mean When It Says New Tag Collected?[Answered]

If you have been getting the “New tag collected or scanned” on your phone lately, you are not alone. It is a common problem. Most people do not know the reason behind this and do not know how to get rid of it.

The reason why you are getting this error message is that the NFC chip detects something it believes to be a tag, but the tag is empty. If you don’t have any NFC tags, make sure you don’t have anything else with an NFC chip around, such as a credit card.

In this article, we will look at what NFC is and, more importantly, how you can get rid of such notifications.


What does it mean when it says “new tag collected”? 

It means that NFC (Near Field Communication) is turned on and your NFC chip has found an NFC tag. However, the NFC tag is empty.

NFC, or Near Field Communication, is a technology that allows devices to communicate with each other when they are in close proximity. NFC tags are small stickers that can be placed on objects and can store data that can be read by NFC-enabled devices.

When an NFC-enabled device comes into close proximity to an NFC tag, the tag will be automatically read and it will give you notifications like “Couldn’t read NFC tag” or “New tag scanned” etc.

This is how NFC payments work; your phone reads the NFC tag on the credit card reader and sends the payment information to the merchant’s bank.

How do I stop tags on my phone? 

If you want to stop this notification from popping up on your phone, the simplest thing that you need to do is to disable NFC on your phone.

You can do this by

  • Simply scroll down on your home screen to see the extended notification panel.
  • Locate and deactivate the NFC icon.

If you cannot find the NFC option, you may need to go into your phone’s settings.

  • From the main Settings screen, locate and select “Connections” or “Network & Internet.” Find and select the “NFC” option from this menu, or simply search for “tag” in your settings search bar if it is present.
  • Simply turn the “NFC and payment” switch to the “Off” position. You have now successfully disabled

This will disable the NFC on your phone, and you will no longer get the “New tag collected” notification.

Related question

Is leaving NFC on safe?

You are vulnerable to technological challenges, practical concerns, and privacy issues. However, using NFC is probably still safer than using ancient magnetic stripe-based bank cards or even the more current Chip-and-PIN advancements.

Not to mention, both devices have to be in active mode and close enough (within four centimeters or less) to establish a connection.

Why would I want NFC on my phone?

Benefits of NFC device

  • NFC enables users to make quick payments using their smartphone or tablet. You can use a mobile wallet, such as those provided by Google or Apple, to complete a transaction with only a few taps—you don’t even need to access your wallet.
  • NFC can be utilized for mobile banking, restaurant bookings, train or movie ticket bookings, sending real-time updates on expenditure and rewards points, redeeming rewards and coupons, and other applications.
  • Because of NFC’s advanced encryption, institutions can use it to screen and admit students or staff IDs. In some circumstances, the IDs can also be used to interact with office objects, sharing real-time data with other people or devices.
  • NFC-enabled payment cards are designed to be more secure than a standard credit card’s magnetic strip. Retailers would have no physical access to their customers’ credit card information while employing this approach.

What does “New tag collected” mean on Google Pixel? 

It means NFC (Near Field Communication) is turned on. If NFC is enabled, it will automatically scan for NFC tags when in close proximity. However, the NFC tag is empty.

If you want to stop this notification from popping up on your phone, the simplest thing that you need to do is to disable NFC on your phone. You can do this by going into your phone’s settings and simply turning the “NFC and payment” switch to the “Off” position.


I hope you found this article helpful. In theory, the reason why you are getting the new tag collected notification is that NFC is turned on. Disabling the NFC from the settings will solve this problem.