What is ext service? [com.google.android.ext.services]

Android comes with a lot of features and with plenty of installed apps. These apps and services are important for the system to work properly. The problem with any one of the apps or services can make your phone unstable.

One of these services is the EXT Service or com.google.android.ext.service.What is the EXT service? This is a question that many Android users have been asking lately.

The EXT service is a package found in Gapps. ExtServices updates framework elements for essential OS features. like notification ranking, auto-fill text-matching tactics, storage caching, package monitoring, and other services that are always active.

In this article, we will discuss what the EXT service is and we will go through the components of the EXT service.

What is com.google.android.ext.services ?

By the name, it is clear that com.google.android.ext.services is Gapps. GApps (short for Google Apps) packages are essential in the Android aftermarket development community.

They are a must for any custom ROM. The EXT service is one of these packages, and it contains the core Google Services. Like MDE Service Framework EXT services are vital for a number of features on your Android device. They include:

  • EXT service provides background and UI updates for essential OS features like notification ranking, auto-fill text-matching tactics, storage caching, package monitoring, and other services that are always active.
  • EXT service also contains the core Google apps like Gmail, YouTube, Maps, and more.
  • EXT service is updated regularly by the Android team to ensure that your devices always have the latest security patches and features.

Components of the EXTService module

The following are the main components of the EXTservice module:


For the supplied buffer, Android 12’s DisplayHashingService creates an instance of DisplayHash. Additionally, it is used to confirm that a certain display hash was produced by the system.

The caller can indicate which of the supported hashing algorithms it wants to employ when creating a display hash.


The TextClassifierService service component is responsible for Android features such as smart text selection and smart suggestions in notifications. The ExtServices module contains the default text classifier, which is verified by the CTS test. 

This module is updated regularly to ensure that your devices always have the latest security patches and features.


Lollipop introduced a “Notification Ranking Service” that ranks alerts according to “importance” based on factors including freshness, app type (IM apps come first), and contact. This appears to be a system enhancement that supports the “notification bundling” function of Nougat.

NotificationRankerService is responsible for re-ordering and grouping notifications. The notification ranker uses a machine learning model to classify notifications and then ranks them accordingly.


The InlineSuggestionRenderService service component makes it possible to display inline suggestions in the keyboard suggestion strip.

This service is used to render a view object carrying the inline suggestion for the new Inline Autofill flow. So when you are using the keyboard and you see a suggestion for a word or phrase, that is InlineSuggestionRenderService at work.


By the name, it is very clear that it is a service that helps the user manage notifications. This means it helps the user to see, hear, snooze, and respond to notifications.

So when a notification pops up, this service is responsible for it. It is also used to help the user manage their notifications by providing different options.


It is a service responsible for ranking the apps according to usage stats when the system is resolving targets for an intent.

In other words, it is used to determine which app should be launched when the user tries to perform an action. For example, if you try to share a photo, the system will use this service to determine which app should be launched.

This service uses machine learning to predict which app the user is most likely to use. It takes into account factors such as how often the app is used and how recently it was used.

What is the EXT service?—Related Questions

What is Android EXT Shared?

A “GoogleExtShared” is identified as a Shared Library. It is a feature that enables programs to share common code, typically from a third party.

For instance, the Android Support Library, a different set of shims that enables newer Android capabilities to function on earlier operating systems, is now present in almost all Android apps.


I hope you found this article helpful. I know this is a lot of information to digest. But if you are not a developer, you do not need to know all the details. Just remember that the EXT service is a module responsible for various background tasks on your Android device.

You were probably going through your app list, saw EXT service, and wondered what it was. Now you know! The EXT service is a module that helps your device run smoothly by taking care of various tasks in the background.

You do not need to delete it or anything because small apps like this hardly take any space, In most cases, the system will not let you even disable it.