What is COM LGE Entitlementcheckservice?[Explained]

Android devices come with a lot of preinstalled services and apps, which are required for the Android system to function properly. Com lge Entitlementcheckservice is one of them.

Most people do not know what this service does or what it is for. This service is a part of the LG framework and it’s responsible for validating apps that are installed on your device.

Entitlementcheckservice or Device Entitlement is a mobile security feature that enables administrators to control which mobile devices are permitted to access the Egnyte mobile app.

In this blog post, we will explain what Com Lge Entitlementcheckservice is and, more importantly, what the Egnyte mobile app is.

What is the Entitlement Check service?

The Entitlement Check service is a security feature that was introduced in Android. It is designed to prevent unauthorized access to apps by validating that the app installed on the device is permitted to access the Egnyte mobile app.

By using this mobile security feature, managers can control which mobile devices are permitted to access the Egnyte mobile app.

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solutions and Egnyte Device Entitlement work together to determine whether users are accessing Egnyte on managed devices.

To reduce the chance of data loss, administrators can set up extra limitations or decide whether access from unmanaged devices is allowed at all. For your domain, Egnyte needs to enable Device Entitlement.

What is the Egnyte mobile app?

The Egnyte platform offers features like security, compliance, and collaborative tools to manage content.

Egnyte can be used to scan a variety of data repositories for malware, including email, on-premises storage, and third-party cloud storage.

You may store, access, and work together on personal and professional files with the Egnyte mobile app.

You can even connect directly with local storage to securely access files too sensitive for the cloud. The app is available for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone devices.

Related Questions

What is entitlement on my phone?

Entitlement on your phone refers to the ability to access specific content or features on your device. For example, you may have the entitlement to use a certain app or to access certain content on your phone.

Entitlements are user-specific, not device-specific. This enables a person with access to an app to install it on every device they own. Additionally, a user may have access to an app without even downloading it on a device.

What does it mean when your phone says entitlement process?

An entitlement resource’s presence shows that a user is authorized to use a specific app. User-specific (not device-specific) entitlements are available. This enables a user who has access to an app to install it on all of their devices.


I hope you find this article helpful. In theory, Entitlementcheckservice is a security feature. Responsible for validating apps installed on your device to prevent unauthorized access.

Just like different apps and services like the MDE service framework. This service is not something that the user can delete or disable.